Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Update on Emma's Little Sister, Sophie!


A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasant surprise to receive two new pictures of Sophie along with a short written update! Sophie is now 20 pounds and 2&1/2 feet tall. She has 5 teeth and can sit and walk all by herself now! : )

We will be able to send our dossier to China as soon as we receive our fingerprints back from the FBI! We are on "day 18" of the agonizing wait-ack! : O We are *GUESSING* that we MIGHT be traveling around September????


Vive...rie...ama said...

Hi Megan!
I was forwarded an email from you (it was sent to another APC-er by mistake) but it didn't have your email address. Your name is SO familiar, I know we have talked on email before. We're with CHI and are leaving in 2 weeks to pick up our son. :) I saw your beautiful daughters on your blog- congratulations!! I hope TA comes quickly!!!! Becky

Beth said...

Oh what a cutie!! I'm so happy for you. I'm anxious for you to travel and bring her home! :)

Julie said...

So glad you got an update! How wonderful to get every little piece of information you can and of course new pictures:) She's a cutie-pie!

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