Thursday, January 1, 2009



We took a short trip to Kansas City, MO last weekend. Emma was excited about going and repeatedly said "Going on vacation in Daddy's vehicle to Kansas City, stay in the hotel. Go to China on the big airplane in two months"! I think that we might have a future world traveler on our hands. ; )

Over all Emma did well on the trip, minimal anxiety in the car and only one gargantuan meltdown. The meltdown was partially our fault; Emma loves carousel rides but lately has not done well with leaving the mall when the fun is over. We should NOT have attempted it. Oh well. She DID however enjoy visiting the WWI museum the next day, go figure. : )

Below area few pictures from our little trip....

~Riding the Carousel~ ~Driving a Car~

~Eating a Donut in Bed~ (Did I really allow THIS?!). ;)

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