Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Jake Update!

I received these pictures of Jake just last week! A sweet family was at Jiang Cheng for a visit with their newly adopted (and adorable) daughter. I had asked them to peek in on Jake if they could...never really imagining that they WOULD. After all, I know how hectic and surreal it is when you are in China.

However, this family took the time to take pictures of Jake and even interact with him a bit. Amazing.
THANK YOU! You know who you are. :)

So, here are the pictures:

Oh, I want to eat his little mouth right up in this first picture. The tongue is juicy his hair is precious. I am pleased to see him showing such great eye contact again! I love how Jake is using his pointer finger and middle finger to grasp things-just how the hand doctor said that he would. Thumbs are overrated. ;)

It looks like my little man is walking quite well for 15 months old. (Yeah!). He looks pretty full of himself too-don't cha think?

 Jake's spirit is one of the first things that drew me to him. Seriously, look at little mister happy pants!

As if taking these pictures was not enough, this is what the visiting family wrote about their encounter with Jake:
"We were able to see your little one today. He is a happy little man, toddling all around the room. He was very responsive to both the nannies and with us. At one point and time he was holding two toys, one in each hand. The nannies had let him out of his crib so we could take his picture and he was taking full advantage of the opportunity and wandering all around picking up any toy he could find. My husband bent down to his eye-level and smiled and chatted with him and he smiled back and was jabbering. We took his picture and also said a silent prayer for him. I know how hard it is to wait but I will say that the nannies all seem to really care for the kids. They were all very clean. His crib is right at the front of the room as you walk in the door so he gets greeted by all the nannies that walk in the room".

 We have been very blessed. With all 3 of our children we have had the good fortune to have families visiting their SWI's check in on them. I can really say with all honesty that Jake's situation appears to be BY FAR the best of all three. Now, please don't forget-he is STILL in an orphanage. And, that is NO place for any child to be. Period. Even the "better ones" do not have enough food, enough toys, enough clothes, enough medical care or enough attention to go around.

I am SO looking forward to bringing my precious baby boy HOME!!!

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