Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crafty Cuties

Both Emma and Sophie love to draw. They love to cut. They love to tape. They love to glue. You get the idea! Sometimes they will sit like this for 30, 60 or even 90 minutes.

School Time

We worked on Emma's school work together on Monday night. She was happy to work on her "sentence strips" and after successfully completing them herself...she decided to teach them to the rest of us. ;-)
After that, we were instructed to sing a song together! We, the class complied.

What in the.....?!?!

Okay, so I have NO IDEA what in the heck was going on here. Really, not a clue. :)
But, apparently Emma & Sophie did!

#1.  Emma was pretending to sleep in her chair.

 #2.  It immediately CRACKED SOPHIE UP. She was laughing to the point of tears?

 #3.  Like me, Jack just did not understand the inside joke.


Both Emma & Sophie have to get blood work done on a fairly regular basis. Emma just had her blood drawn about a week and a half ago. 
On Monday night we were spening some time with the girls before bed. One of the games that they decided to play was "Blood Drawn" (as they referred to it). I thought that they did a pretty darn good job recreating it all! Let me tell you though...their "needle" HURT! (haha). ;-)

Note: Emma chose to wear a night gown and Sophie was upset because she does not have one. So, we improvised with Emma's old soccer shirt. :-)

Snow Day!!

 On Tuesday we woke up to frigid tempatures and blowing snow....and  a phone call that school had been cancelled. Emma was quite happy to hear that she had the day off. :-) She joined her Daddy for a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs (yeah, now she eats eggs again???), rye toast, berries, apple juice and coffee. (Don't worry everybody, her cup has 2/3 flavored creamer in it and a drop of coffee). 


I know that you are asking yourself right now-"But where is Sophie"?! Sophie was IN BED UNTIL 8:00 AM....the girl loves to sleep. When she got up she ate the same breakfast minus the eggs (hates them) and coffee. ;-)

Greg ended up working from home yesterday...he got as far as the exit of our subdivision and turned around. The roads were awful with blowing snow (Kansas has WIND folks) and cars getting stuck.

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