Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Emma is a Horse!


Today is Emma's Halloween Party at school! Her school divides the celebration into two days because there are so many children that attend the school; I suppose that it would be complete chaos having the parade with ALL of those 3 & 4 year olds wearing their costumes at once! Speaking of wearing costumes, don't let this picture of Emma fool you! She was clearly confused & not very happy that I made her wear her costume today. She LIKES her "Horsey" very much, but she is not too keen about actually wearing him for more than 2 minutes. :) After this picture was taken she immediately started to try to take her costume off and proceeded to tell me "All Done & No & Mommy"! (In no particular order). :) When we walked outside to the bus she ripped one of the stirrups off! And, as the bus pulled away I could see Emma through the window trying to remove any part of her costume that she could! *lol*! At least this is good practice for Emma wearing her costume today, hopefully tomorrow she will be ready for Halloween and Trick or Treating with her Daddy!

PS: Does anybody notice anything different about Emma? (Aside from the fact that she is dressed as a horse)? Emma got a haircut last weekend and now she has bangs! I was resistant at first, I just did not want her to have bangs...but, she has SO much hair and it was always in her eyes. I love her new look, I think that she looks just adorable! :)

Big Bird in China

Ni' Hao, We're Back! :)

I'm sorry that I have not posted to Emma's blog in a couple of weeks. Emma had been very sick with an ear infection and therefore I had nothing "happy" to post! (Trust me)!! ;)

Emma newest obsession is watching the video "Big Bird in China". One day while she was not feeling well her Daddy played it hoping to cheer her up-& it worked! We bought the DVD for Emma last Christmas & she was not interested in watching even 5 minutes of it. It is amazing what a difference 10 months makes because now she absolutely LOVES it! "Big Bird in China"? have been the first words out of her mouth every morning for the past week and she would watch it ALL DAY LONG if we allowed her to! As it is she watches it at least twice a day. The video is actually pretty cute and I'd much rather watch it -vs- The creepy Teletubbies any day! By watching this DVD we think that Emma has slowly begun to make some type of connection that she looks like the Chinese people in the video. She watches it SO intently while smiling, laughing and singing along. While it is playing she goes and gathers up all of her ASIAN dolls and brings them over to play with. It is cute that she only plays with the Asian dolls while this paticular video is on.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Daddy's Girl

Emma TRULY is her Daddy's girl! : )

For those of you who know Greg, there is no question that the man is a football fanatic! He lives & breathes the sport. On Sunday afternoons Emma often hangs around Greg while he is glued to the TV for 10+ hours. She really gets a kick out of his yelling and clapping, in fact she often joins in with a "WHOOOO" or a "Touchdown"!

I should NOT have been surprised when she spotted a football at the store and had to have it...

Getting Into the Halloween Spirit

Emma was really getting into the Halloween spirit last week.

We (okay- I) baked a Halloween cake and on that very same day Emma recieved a Halloween card in the mail from her favorite people, Lao Lao and Yeh Yeh! Emma is looking forward to spending her "treat money" from Lao Lao at Target soon! ; )

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

We took Emma to the Pumpkin Patch to choose a pumpkin last Saturday. All three of us had a fun time!

Emma has learned how to smile for pictures and keep her eyes open at the same time. Now, if we could
just get her to look at the camera too....

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Emma had a Playdate!

Emma's friend Ella came to visit us today! :)

I kind of considered this Emma's first "real" play date!

We have known Ella's family for a very long time. Both Ella and her older brother Dane used to attend my daycare, they are both great kids!

The girls got along really well and had a great time together! We applied tattoos, colored Halloween pictures, and played with dolls. We also chewed gum, a staple involved in any 3 year old's play date! ; )

Emma loves the pictures posted. She keeps saying "Ella-Emma-sit down"!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Lao Lao & Yeh Yeh Were BACK!!!!!

Dancing With Lao Lao!

Watching Football with Yeh Yeh & Daddy!

Emma had another very busy weekend!

Late yesterday afternoon her beloved Lao Lao & Yeh Yeh arrived en route to Michigan from Idaho. They were anxious to get home after traveling for a week visiting family, so they were only able to stay for one night. Emma was heartbroken that they had to leave this morning and kept saying: "No Lao Lao, ALL DONE! Lao Lao SIT"! : ) As you can see from the pictures posted, she made the most of her visit!

"Hi Horsey"! Emma still LOVES horses! When ever we take a certain route home we pass a small farm where 2 horses often graze during the day. She gets SO excited to see the horses, she shouts "Hi Horsies"! And, waves a Miss. America worthy wave! : ) For about 3 months Emma would NOT ride on the horse pictures, for whatever reason she was really frightened of it. Out of the blue this weekend she climbed on it & now it is once again an obtrusive fixture in my great room...ugh! :/ At least Emma is happy though!! : )

Monday, October 1, 2007

Teletubbies, Slippers & Gum- Oh My!

Emma had a very busy weekend!!! : )

Her Daddy arrived home from London on Friday afternoon. She anticipated Greg's return since 6:30 AM that morning and was absolutely beside herself when his limo pulled in the driveway, it was very sweet! She flung open the door and ran outside with the dogs shouting "DADDY! DADDY"!!!!He had been gone for 10 days, which is a very, very, very long time when you are only 3 years old. Emma has been giving her Daddy many extra hugs & kisses the past couple of days.

On Saturday Emma's Lao Lao & Yeh Yeh arrived for a short visit, only staying until Sunday morning. They are on their way to Idaho to visit Yeh Yeh's daughter Carol Ann and her family, so we were just a pit stop along the way. : ) We had a great visit and they took us out to eat at The Sushi House, one of Emma's favorite restaurants. Emma adores her Lao Lao and hung on her the entire time that they were here-even stalking her while she tried to take a shower! When they left on Sunday morning Emma sobbed, she wanted to go with them I think! : (

We went out for our monthly breakfast on Sunday with Greg's side of the family. It is always fun to see everybody and play catch up. And, of course everybody LOVES to see Emma...she often recieves small gifts for no reason! : ) Yesterday she received cute books from both her Great Aunt Marilyn and Great Grandma Jo. We also celebrated Emma's Nona's birthday.Emma chose Nona's presents all by herself; a necklace & earring set and guitar socks- she was very proud to present her gift to Nona! ; )

Emma has added a couple of words to her growing vocabulary this week; "Sit Down"! She tells us when she is sitting down, when we are sitting down, when she wants us to sit down---you get the picture! : )

I forgot to take pictures of Emma over the weekend, as usual I had M.I.B. (Mommy Mush Brain)! So, I took 2 pictures of Emma last night as she was winding down before bedtime. The first picture is of Emma chewing gum, her new FAVORITE activity (Which could actually be a post in itself! : ) ....) & wearing her new Dora slippers. Emma loves wearing slippers and shoes almost as much as she enjoys chewing gum. The second pictures is three of her Teletubbies & a horse having a tea party. Greg & I thought that it was cute how she arranged the whole set up. : )

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