Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Carousels & TA

Emma is STILL obsessed with carousels. She created this one last night and it just cracked me up. : ) We are hoping that our TA (Travel Approval) arrives SOON! Dear friends of ours are receiving theirs this Friday and our time lines are VERY close. I am crossing my fingers that ours will be following!!

Emma's Big Girl Bike

Emma's Auntie Molly bought her a Big Girl Bike for Christmas this year complete with a matching helmet and pads. Emma *loves* her new bike and has been riding it around our carpeted floor in the basement for the past 6 weeks. Last week I let her ride it around the kitchen while I cooked dinner. She was FLYING and thrilled at how fast the bike could move on a hard surface. :-) We had a beautiful 69 degree day last week and I took her outside after school to ride her bike. Emma had a lot of fun! THANK YOU AUNTIE MOLLY!!! :-)

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