Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another Picture of the Yangdong Trio

Three Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.......(L to R): Eliza (in the back), Emma, & Jaiden.

I forgot to include this picture in my previous entry this morning. I just love, love this picture that my friend Sarah took. It captures the energy of the three girls so perfectly! :)


Three Very Lucky Moms and their daughters! L to R: Julie & Jaiden, Megan & Emma, Sarah & Eliza.

Playing Ring Around the Rosy

At the Zoo

A Playdate with MORE girls from the city of Yangjiang (different SWI though). L to R: Emma, Jaiden, Eliza, Anna and Amy.

L to R: Eliza (Dong YiYi), Jaiden (Dong RuNi), and Emma (Dong CanNi).

Emma & Eliza, both wearing headbands and glasses. (Emma stole Eliza's fashionable look)!

THREE car seats in the car!

Jaiden and Emma-hand in hand!

The trio in my bath tub! :)


No matter what language you say it in, "FRIENDS" can be a powerful word. I met two very special women on my "Yangkids Yahoo Group" two short years ago. We connected through our daughters who at one point in time were ALL living at Yangdong SWI in Yangjiang, China. First I "met" Julie from Oregon who was waiting to adopt Jaiden and then I "met" Sarah from North Carolina who was waiting to adopt Eliza. Sarah brought Eliza home 7 months after we returned home with Emma... and Julie was the last one to travel arriving home with Jaiden 2 months after Sarah's journey.

Enough about US, it is time to meet the Yangdong Trio. Emma is the oldest at age 4 while Jaiden and Eliza are both 3 years old. The girls birthdays are all with in 10 months of each other-that's right-can you IMAGINE three strong willed toddlers together (in coordinating outfits ;) ) for 4 days?! They are definitely 3 separate personalities and they all have distinct features, it was an incredible gift to be able to enjoy the trio together again. As Sarah put it: "Together From the Start-Forever in My Heart". :) The girls truly got along well and had a lot of fun together, as did the Yangdong Moms.

One day we were even able to meet up with another Mom (Tami) and her daughters Amy and Anna. Her girls are also from Yangjiang! All of the pictures posted speak for themselves, don't you think??

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