Saturday, September 13, 2008

Punk Rock Chic

I really have a lot of fun dressing Emma for preschool every day. : )

Sure she has her own opinions about a LOT of things, but we still share the same taste as far as hair styles and clothing goes. (Although she would wear her tennis shoes with everything if I allowed it)!

One day last week I decided to go with a "Punk Rock Chic" look. Even though we were running a few minutes late this day I snapped the above pictures because she just looked SO CUTE-and grown up! : D The belt that she was wearing was actually pink and sparkly although it looks white in the pictures.

Emma is doing well in her new preschool. We are very pleased with her team of educators this year. Her teacher is very in tune with Emma's needs, her Occupational Therapist is trying different techniques with her, and her Speech Therapist already has Emma conversing more! Emma has been saying some new phrases that of course make us proud, but crack us up too! ; )

Here is a sampling for your enjoyment...

"How's everyone doing"? (Asked at the dinner table one night).
"I lub (love) you". (My favorite).
"That's mine, that's not yours"! (Hmmm... practice for Sophie's arrival)?
"I'm done".
"Here we go again".
"Time to get ready to go"!
"First it's Emma's turn, then it's _________". (Insert Mommy, Daddy, Jack, Mikey...).


Here it is...our I-171H Approval! After waiting for 29 weeks (instead of the standard 8-12) we FINALLY received our I 171-H Approval from USCIS to adopt Sophie!! Basically this means that our adoption agency needs to have this form approved by the Chinese Consulate in Washington State and then our dossier is on it's way to China for translation! Our next big hurdle to cross will be to receive a LID (Log in Date) from the CCAA (Chinese Center of Adoption Affairs). THEN we wait for TA (Travel Approval). We will update the blog as we hit these milestones so stay tuned. : )

I was SHOCKED to find this in our mail box this morning, I think that I asked Greg 3 or 4 times: "Are you SURE that this it"??!! After regaining my senses and calling my Mom I was off to FED EX to overnight the approval to our adoption agency. We have had some minor flooding here and I drove through 8-12 inches in some areas to get there, I was just glad that I did not have to get out and wade to the building....of course I would have. ; )

When we told Emma that the special paper came that we have been waiting for and that Sophie can come home now Emma replied: "SISTER"!!!

I guess that this means that I can start to get Sophie's room ready! Even if we do not travel for 4, 5, or 6 more months...those of you who know me understand that I need to be organized. : )
In the closing of this rambling post I want to take note that it is September 13th, but in China it is September 14th...the first day of The Moon Festival. This is a very important family oriented holiday in China. So, what a fitting day this was to receive our approval for Sophie!

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