Sunday, August 7, 2011

The First Ones

                                     THESE are some of the very first pictures that I ever saw of Jake.
Wait-come to think of it....
one of these pictures IS the VERY FIRST one that I saw of him.
I will make a note of it below. ;)

Tami, Jake's "Earth Angel" met him on this day in September 2010 when he was just six months old.
(Um, Tami-If I have the date screwed up PLEASE correct me here. Okay-thanks!).
I can't speak for Tami as to why she decided to advocate for Jake. BUT, Greg and I are SOOOO grateful that she did!!!

Tami adopted her daughter Aubry with in a few days of these pictures being taken. Aubry is the pretty girl in the green shirt. She has a pretty amazing adoption story herself. ;) I don't have permission to talk about it....but, trust is SO cool.

Now, go ahead and enjoy the precious baby boy pictures below. (Unless you already have-LOL)!

 ~~~~~~~~~~~THE FIRST PICTURE OF JAKE THAT I SAW :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My Jakey Boy Attends a Party :)

Last month a fellow Jiang Cheng Orphanage Mommy posted pictures to our Yahoo Orphanage group of her daughter's 1st birthday. She had sent her little one a cake and camera for her milestone birthday.

Lo and behold....LOOK WHO was invited to the party!

Mr. Jake is the stinker in the white (or is it pink?!) shirt with the red lettering.
I love how he is being restrained in the last two pictures~
he must have REALLY wanted that cake ALL to HIMSELF!

It is AMAZING to see pictures of my son while he is still a half a world away. Hold on Jake...Mommy is coming as SOON as I can! :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

ShRiNkY DiNkS ~&~ Fingerprint Appointments!!!

It has been one big party around the Montieth household this morning, let me tell you!
Here are the top highlights....

After breakfast Emma & Sophie made
ShRiNkY DiNkS.
Yes, you read that correctly...they actually still make them.

AND, our Fingerprint Appointment notices arrived from USCIS!!! Yipieeeee....another step closer to bringing Jake home! :D We are going to try and "walk in" next week to have them done a tad bit early. Wish us luck!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Pictures, pictures AND more pictures....

It has turned out to be a very, VERY interesting summer for us.

Greg lost his job on June 24th. Unexpectedly. And, it was a blessing.

At the moment he is VERY CLOSE to getting another one. I will update you all on WHERE we are moving as soon as I know. We are enjoying each others company and not making any rushed decisions.

Our I-800 for Jake was recieved by USCIS last week----WHOOOO!!! It is called a I-797C. This means that we can go get fingerprinted SOON! Yep, we are moving along with the adoption process. There will be some "updates" that we will have to do as a result of Greg's job change/move....but, we have no choice. So we are simply pushing  forward. :)

That is all that I have to report for now. Here are some pictures....

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