Friday, August 5, 2011

Pictures, pictures AND more pictures....

It has turned out to be a very, VERY interesting summer for us.

Greg lost his job on June 24th. Unexpectedly. And, it was a blessing.

At the moment he is VERY CLOSE to getting another one. I will update you all on WHERE we are moving as soon as I know. We are enjoying each others company and not making any rushed decisions.

Our I-800 for Jake was recieved by USCIS last week----WHOOOO!!! It is called a I-797C. This means that we can go get fingerprinted SOON! Yep, we are moving along with the adoption process. There will be some "updates" that we will have to do as a result of Greg's job change/move....but, we have no choice. So we are simply pushing  forward. :)

That is all that I have to report for now. Here are some pictures....

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ourchinagirls said...

Lots of great photos! You are really moving along on your dossier. Yay!! Still wish you would stay in KS :)

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