Friday, August 8, 2008

Our File is in Kansas City!! (Week 23).

I have a positive "Sophie Update" to share. I found out this week that the Chicago USCIS office did indeed transfer our file to Kansas City. If they would have put an ounce of the effort that they have used to avoid working on our file into actually processing it we would have had I171H approval weeks and weeks ago! Remember, the approximate wait time for Illinois is 8-12 weeks and we just finished week 23 of the wait! Anyway, while we are disappointed that Chicago did not do their job and take ONE HOUR out of their day to process our file, we are at the same time relieved that it is out of their hands. According to the senators office Kansas City is reviewing it now! I am praying that there are no more delays so that we can get our dossier to China already!

We think of Sophie every day and our arms ache to hold her. If I close my eyes I swear that I can smell her scent and feel her soft skin. Please keep Sophie and our family in your prayers so that I can hold her for real one day. And, feel free to send "bad thoughts" to the Chicago office... ;P

A Day in the Life of Emma

It has been awhile since I have posted on the girls blog, Emma has been keeping me BUSY! All of the random pictures below were taken over the past week. Enjoy!!! :)

Emma hanging out in her room "listening to mucik"-(Music)!
Showing off her tattoos!
Emma looks like she is 10 to me in this picture--she is growing up so quickly! : (
Enjoying her nightly ice cream cone habit, she is obsessed with napkins!

Exercising with Daddy!

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