Saturday, February 12, 2011


Have you ever read the Llama books?
It is really a great series, and we own three of the books in our library at home. Emma L*O*V*E*S Llamas!!! If you have not read the Valentine post go back to it before you read further). ;-)
In true Emma fashion she does NOT do anything until SHE is ready to.
And, that is fine with us because she keeps us in suspense with what she is capable of.
The summer after Emma turned 5 years old she slowly began to draw pictures and write her letters.
So, mind you she has NOT been creating her works of art for very long. (She will turn 7 this May).
As I said, Emma obsesses over LOVES Llamas. One afternoon I gave both Emma and Sophie empty albums to turn into their own books. Uh-do you want to guess what Emma's book is about?!
by Emma Montieth

~By Sophie~

Hmmmm-alright, I can see that I uploaded this picture sideways. I will be more careful next time. ANYWAY....
Is this the CUTEST valentine that you have ever seen or what?!
Sophie drew a picture of herself and Emma holding hands. :) I believe that Greg and a mysterious 3rd person are off to the side.
It is just adorable. I love my little Sophie!!!

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