Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sophie's Gotcha Day!!!

Sophie's Gotcha Day was on March 9th. It is impossible to believe that she has been home for two whole years already!
She was born to be a part of our family.
We love her to little pieces and we are SO happy that she is at home where she belongs!
She is witty and dramatic. She is wise beyond her years & has a talent for reading people. She is also sweet and beautiful. Oh yeah, and have I mentioned before that she talks

Sophie wanted a chocolate cake with white frosting and Sponge Bob "with letters". ;) I am not a Sponge Bob fan. I mean, it's not like he is Satan or something...he just annoys me. Truthfully, the girls don't even watch the cartoon very often at all.
I digress.
So, Sophie and Emma got to eat cake for breakfast since it was a very special day.
(I was too tired to argue).
I serenaded Sophie with a Gotcha Day tune as I was drying my hair. The brush served as my microphone and she was quite pleased with that. She is too young to think that I am a dork. It was a Wednesday so unfortunately our schedule went on as any weekday. And, I did not get a ton of pictures during the day. After dinner Sophie ate cake again.
(Emma wanted a granola bar instead).
Then we opened presents!!!
Sophie's special "China Present" was a little drum with a dog on it as Sophie was born in 2006....the year of the dog. She loved the drum and drummed until bedtime.
We also gave her a new set of flashcards. She loves them and had worn her old set out. ;)

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