Sunday, June 27, 2010

Calling All French and Spanish Followers...

Bonjour and Hola! :)

I am sure that if you are in France or Spain and follow my blog it is because your children are from Emma & Sophie's orphanages...Yangdong and Yangxi.

We are going to be vacationing in your countries in October and would love to meet you. Our first stop will be in Barcelona, Spain. Then we will head to Carcasone, Lourdes and Paris, France.

If you are interested please leave a comment!

Megan, Greg, Emma and Sophie

The Montieth's Do the Zoo

Emma, Megan and Sophie
I told Greg that I needed to be in a picture for once or else people were going to start to wonder what happened to me! ;P Sophie, Greg and Emma
Megan and Greg
Guess who took this picture of us? EMMA did! She was very proud of herself and I was proud of her! :) This was one of 3 or 4 takes...the best of them all even though she captured our fat stomachs at her paticular angle....LOL!


The *HOT* weather is upon us full force here in Kansas and we are LOVING it! I have always enjoyed high temperatures and it looks like my daughters share my love of summer. :)

I am SO LUCKY and blessed to be a Stay-At-Home Mom! Really, why would I want to leave these two every day and miss out on this?! The work force will me waiting for me...when
the girls are older.

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