Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Emma in her Easter outfit! :)
Again my pictures are downloaded vertically and are posting horizontally?! UGH! :(
Emma had a nice Easter. She was excited to discover her Easter basket and enjoyed all of the Easter treats-especially the stickers (which we continue to find all over the house) and of course the candy.
She loves to get dressed up and was happy to pose for a picture before leaving to attend brunch at Aunt Marilyn's house! She was a very good girl, albeit having a horrible cold/cough.


Aunt Karen and Uncle Dean

Megan, Greg and Emma
Katie and J.C.
My cousin J.C. lives in Downers Grove. On Friday my Aunt Karen, Uncle Dean and cousin Katie came to visit from East Tawas. We all met at The Montieth's favorite restaurant~ Buchos! We drank margarita's, visited and laughed-it was a great time! Emma was an angel! She smiled and talked to everybody at the table. She also chair danced the entire 2 hours! :)
I posted pictures but for some reason Aunt Karen and Uncle Dean will not rotate clockwise! After 5 attempts to save the rotation I gave up. :(

Note to J.C.: Emma LOVES The Hokey Pokey Elmo! :) She played with him for the rest of the evening and we awoke to him dancing in our bedroom at 7:00 am the next morning...we ALMOST called you so that you could enjoy him singing too! The we remembered that you were in class anyway.

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