Monday, June 2, 2008

Sweet Picture & Update on Sophie

~*~Emma and Mommy on Saturday~*~I liked this picture that Greg snapped of Emma and I on Saturday~ obviously she will smile for a picture when she wants to! : )

I thought that I'd share a little update on Miss. Sophie who continues to wait for us in Yangxi SWI- Guangdong Provence. Another family who adopted their daughter from Yangxi last month found pictures of our Sophie on their roll of film that they recieved back from the SWI after they adopted their daughter. (I am not mentioning their names to respect their privacy). It turns out that their daughter and ours were cribmates! To me this is a small miracle and a gift from God! They scanned & e-mailed the pictures to us, Sophie looked SO SO SO beautiful, just like her big sister Emma. Sophie has a fuzzy head of black hair and soulful black coffee eyes. I wish that I could post the pictures but since they were an email scan and I don't have a CD I don't think that I can. That was not our last Sophie sighting though....somebody from my Yangxi SWI Yahoo Group posted pictures from June of 2008 a couple of weeks ago. I looked at the pictures and guess who was in 3 of them....SOPHIE! I would know this baby girl anywhere. : ) She was laying on the floor with a few other babies and had herself propped up on her elbows, she would have been 7 months old at the time. Again, I don't have a CD of these pictures so I can't upload them on the blog....sorry!

So, as we wait for our I-171H's (FBI Fingerprints) to come back so that we can complete our dossier (paperwork) these pictures give us hope and keep us going on the days that we feel like we will never bring her home. It "finally happened" with Miss. Emma and it will "finally happen" with Sophie too, probably not until November or December now. : (

Wichita Wingnuts

*Family Picture at the Game. Emma refused to smile because she was MAD that we would not let her go out on the field and play with the Mascots...what mean parents we are....*

*Emma ran right up to the KU Jayhawk, too CUTE our daughter is*! : )
*Here Emma is trying to sit on the Giraffe's lap*!

*8:00 pm and Emma is done....or so we thought....she woke up at 9:00 pm asking for the Giraffe*!

We took Emma to her very first baseball game on Friday night. We went to see the Wichita Wingnuts, our minor league team play. Okay, you can stop laughing was a lot cheaper than going to Wrigley Field to see our beloved Cubs play. ; P

Emma talked all week long about going to her baseball game and we SO excited! So excited as a matter of fact that she refused to take a nap that afternoon before the game. Do you see where this post is going?! By the time that we got there she was yawning and every little thing was bringing on a full blown meltdown....yikes. The poor thing fell asleep after an hour and poor Mommy and Daddy drank their beers hoping that a buzz would hide our embarrassment! *lol*! ; )

It was mascot night so Emma was happy to see The KU Jayhawk, Geoffrey the Giraffe from Toys R Us, a polar bear, an oil filter, and an egg roll....hey you have to keep in mind that we were not a Wrigley Filed! ; P We actually had a really fun time and the 3 of us are looking forward to attending another game soon. : )

First Visit to the Pool!

"C'mon Mommy! I want to go to the pool"!

"Mommy I'm fine! Leave me alone. I'm just going to stay right here"!

"Maybe I do want to go in"....

"Uh, maybe NOT...."

"Let's everybody get out of the pool"!

I took Emma to our neighborhood pool for the very first time on Friday of last week. Emma was very excited to check it out and a little bit less enthusiastic once she actually got there. I think that both the size and depth of the pool were a little bit daunting. Our neighbor Allison who is also Emma's new babysitter happened to be at the pool and even she could not convince Emma to go all the way in!

Emma is a natural dare devil and I am sure that by the end of the season she will be floating around the pool. : ) Like everything else, she will do it when she is ready. We went back to the pool this afternoon for 40 minutes and Emma decided to hang out in the baby pool instead with her new water noodle, she was thrilled. A couple of kids came in and out of the baby pool, it was cute to see Emma smiling and giggling at them. : )

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