Monday, June 7, 2010

My Lil' Bugs!


I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago, this was our first trip to the neighborhood pool for 2010! The girls were SO HAPPY to be able to play at the pool again. During this visit they stayed in the "baby pool" most of the time. BUT~I am thrilled to say that since this day they have played in the "big pool" exclusively! They are both getting to be such big girls! :) I hope that by NEXT summer they will be open to trying swimming lessons-finally. ;)

Summertime Dinners..............

~Pizza Faces~ ~Grilled Beef Dogs in a Bed~

Manis ~N~ Pedis

I gave E & S a manicure and pedicure last week. Their fingers were BLUE. And, their fat little toes were blue, pink & white. Emma had a "smiley" face on her big toe and Sophie opted for a flower.

The only part that WASN'T fun was waiting for their nails to DRY!!! :)

Biker Chicks

Emma & Sophie love to ride their big wheel bikes outside. Mostly we stick to the driveway...although once in a while they ride them to the park.

Chit-chat among sisters... Sophie figuring out how to pedal...
Annoyed that I am bothering them while they are trying to play....notice the forced smiles?!
It was a hot & windy day!!

Poor Sophie got stuck and was trying to remember how to pedal & steer. :) Emma was not at all pleased that she was blocking the way! :D
As you can see Sophie is observing Emma's techniques very closely....
Sophie is just a HAPPY little girl. :)
Whee!!! Look at hands!!
My beautiful, beautiful Emma...
Okay, this picture captures Emma's autism pretty clearly. Emma has been stemming with her hands a lot the past month or so, not sure why. She is SO a typical that at times it is easy to forget that she lives with this. I usually post the "better" pictures anyway. But, we are proud of Emma-never ashamed-so, I am leaving this one in.
I loved, loved this picture that I took of Sophie BECAUSE she looks baby-ish. :)

Starring The Princess and Madame Butterfly...

Lately we have had a resident butterfly & princess in our house. Come to think of it, the girls wear their ensembles EVERYWHERE! (Hey, I choose my battles wisely these days. If they have had a bath and have been fed then we are good).

Jammies in the Backyard

The girls have been thrilled that the warm weather is finally upon us! In fact lately it has been down right HOT. :) I took these pictures of them a couple of weeks ago playing in the backyard after breakfast......

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