Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I found some pictures on my (new) laptop that I *thought* had been lost. Thankfully they were not! I took these pictures of the girls at the beach while visiting family in Michigan.... Are they adorable beach beauties or what?!
Things have been....hmmmm...."busy" around here. I don't have the energy to go into specific details. And, to put it plainly I really don't care to relive our experience last week! To sum it all up; Emma was put on a new medication. It did not work. It actually had a paradoxical effect. She got pretty upset. She smacked her beloved little sister Sophie in the head with a wooden name plaque. Did you know that head wounds bleed lot? They do! Greg came home from work to clean up the scene of the crime and calm Emma down. I took Sophie to the ER. I consoled her. She understands a lot for a 3 year old. Three staples later along with a popsicle and hospital toy...she was as good as new. It took Emma longer. She is has a lot of physical strength for a 6 year old...I bet that she could have lifted up my mini van over her head. ;) She started to calm down-the next day. Not fun times around here. We have a lot of professionals trying to help Emma. We ditched THAT medicine (DUH) in lieu of a NEW one. This one seems to be helping-thank goodness! The girls are doing pretty good. I am STILL exhausted and it is 5 days later. So is Greg- guess that is what happens when you are 36?

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