Friday, August 7, 2009

How We Grocery Shop These Days...(Captions Only)! :)

Buying fresh fruits & vegetables from our local grocery store, Dillon's. To help Emma cope with hearing the public noise that is loud to her I let her push her own little cart. She LOVES it & attracts a lot of smiles from others. Of course it took us an hour to do our shopping at Dillon's yesterday!
Sophie is more than happy to just sit in the big cart and hold my shopping list. At least I still have one "baby" in the cart for awhile longer. :)
Then we were off to Walmart for the rest of our shopping. Walmart is sensory overload for ANYBODY...especially for Emma though. I promised her that if she could control herself while we shopped that she could ride Mickey when were were finished. Sophie HATES this ride and said "No Thank You" insisting to stay in the cart. :)


So, I am learning that some kids are just more prone to mishaps than others. Emma is very active and she has not had 1/2 of the bumps and bruises that Sophie has!

My poor baby has had her fair share of minor injuries in less than 5 months. Sophie has a small scar by her left eye from a run-in with a board book---courtesy of Emma. She has a matching scar by her right eye from falling on the sidewalk over the fourth of July...I am using Mederma Scar Cream in hopes to make the scars fade a bit faster. :( She also has a fading bruise by her left eye from falling against her tricycle handle and YES she was wearing a helmet!!!

My sweet pea has acquired TWO new boo-boo's (her words :)) in the past 48 hours. The first happened on Wednesday when playful roughhousing resulted in a bloody lip and VERY bruised chin. No, don't flame was MY FAULT. :( I was tossing the girls onto my king size bed & somehow Sophie catapulted over the bed and onto the floor landing face down. The guilt over that is KILLING me......

Then last night as I was cleaning up the kitchen the girls were settling into our bed to watch Strawberry Shortcake. I heard a loud *CLUNK* and found Sophie crying on the floor. According to Emma (who always tells the God's honest truth even when she IS at fault) Sophie was trying to jump and fell off of the bed. Unfortunately she hit her forehead on the night stand resulting in 2 large goose eggs.

After some TLC, Motrin and an ice pack Sophie was back to her happy self. I am sure that she woke up with a heck of a headache this morning though. Hopefully that is the end of her injuries for a while...a LONG while!!!

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