Friday, August 7, 2009

How We Grocery Shop These Days...(Captions Only)! :)

Buying fresh fruits & vegetables from our local grocery store, Dillon's. To help Emma cope with hearing the public noise that is loud to her I let her push her own little cart. She LOVES it & attracts a lot of smiles from others. Of course it took us an hour to do our shopping at Dillon's yesterday!
Sophie is more than happy to just sit in the big cart and hold my shopping list. At least I still have one "baby" in the cart for awhile longer. :)
Then we were off to Walmart for the rest of our shopping. Walmart is sensory overload for ANYBODY...especially for Emma though. I promised her that if she could control herself while we shopped that she could ride Mickey when were were finished. Sophie HATES this ride and said "No Thank You" insisting to stay in the cart. :)


Beth said...

I wish we had those little tiny carts. - I love Sophie's smiles... such a cheezy grin! :)

mom2eliza said...

I love the new blog look! I'm behind in dressing up my blog. What a big girl Emma is getting to be. Love these pics; so you actually brought a camera to the store w/ you and had time to take the photo?! LOL It's all I can do to get through the store most days. I'm so jealous that Sophie holds your list too; if I give Eliza the list, know it turns into a shredded mess...sort of like leaving a breadcrumb trail! Great pictures. Sophie has the best faces in her pictures.

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