Thursday, October 16, 2008

Log In Date, Lao Lao and Boogers.....

Look! It's the British singer-Amy, wait it's just my Emma Kate on the brink of coming down with a nasty cold! : (I'm excited to announce that we have a Log In Date of October 15th with the CCAA for our dossier! We waited about two weeks, which seems to be the current average trend. Now we will wait and see how long it takes to get our Letter Of Approval, we are hoping to have it around Christmastime...with our Travel Approval soon to follow! AND, speaking of Mom is going to be taking the journey to Sophie with us! Greg, Emma and I are SO excited that Lao Lao is on board. : )

On another note, poor Emma has a horrible cold. She came home from school on Tuesday and craweled into my bed, that should have been a red flag that something was brewing. She woke up around 3 am on Wednesday and we have been wiping boogies ever since-the poor baby!! She has stayed home from school for the past 2 days. With lots of hugs, liquids and Barney...I'm sure that she will be back to her old self in the next day or two.

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