Thursday, June 4, 2009

*The Pool Babes*

The girls have really enjoyed playing at the pool so far this summer. They are both hesitant in the water but that will hopefully improve in a few weeks! I just thought that they looked too cute in their suits not to take a picture today! :) As you can see they gave me the fake cheesey smiles so that I would just put down the camera and take them to play!

Christmas in June?

Since my last post was all about Emma I thought that today it should be Sophie's turn:

I gave her hair a little trim on Tuesday. It is growing in nicely and getting thicker! You can't really tell from the pictures but I evened out her bangs and took off the circa 1986 points growing over her ears. I am hoping that I will be able to take her for a real haircut this fall, she does not have enough hair for that just yet! :)

Sophie's TRUE personality is starting to show through and it is STRONG! She is still very sweet and compliant a lot of the time. Yet, she can be VERY stubborn and manipulative! Of course she does not understand what manipulation means since she is only 2 1/2 years old...but she knows how to do it anyway. She cries dramatically over the smallest things and tries to play Greg and I against one another. If she does not get her way in a store she will cry and look at all of the strangers as if she is trying to get their attention..she is actually quite smart. :) And, it's even FUNNY when we are not feeling annoyed. ;)

She is continuing to learn new words in English, mostly through repeating what she hears us say. Her receptive language is definitely improving. She still speaks Cantonese too and kind of mixes it with English words sometimes. We met a lady at Panera that spoke Cantonese; I gave her permission to "talk" to Sophie. Sophie looked a little bit confused but did answer "yeah" to two of her questions! :) There are different dialects of Cantonese but it seemed like she understood what this lady was saying?

Sophie likes to "pose" for the camera as you can see from the pictures below:

My Mom "LAO- LAO" gave a music box to Emma for Christmas and bought one for Sophie as well. (We were hoping at the time that she'd be HOME for Chirstmas)! Emma was playing with her music box the other day so I brought Sophie's out and let her open it...I was really just waiting for the right time to present it to her. I assume that Sophie was intently watching Emma open up her birthday presents last month because she knew EXACTLY what to do! :P


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