Wednesday, December 15, 2010


These pictures speak for themselves......don't you think? :)


Sophia Grace Montieth turned FOUR years old on November 19, 2010! Her Lao Lao & Yeh Yeh arrived just a couple of days after her birthday, so we were able to celebrate with them! We enjoyed homemade pizza, a homemade Dora cake and PRESENTS! I think that Sophie was pretty darn pleased with the festivities. :)


Monday, December 6, 2010

Vacation Pictures

Oh my goodness...I have ignored the girls blog for nearly two months. It's shameful, I know! And, there is SO much to catch up on. For tonight I am going to stick with a handful of pictures from our vacation to Spain & France. I am still struggling with formatting issues that have me beyond frustrated and borderline obsessed. Anyway, back to our vacation! Overall it was a WONDERFUL trip. :) We saw beautiful sites, ate amazing food, met the NICEST people and shared hilarious experiences! Our vacation included some surprises, but we rolled with it all. Emma and Sophie were amazing. The only thing that really stunk was when Emma began to run a fever in Paris with a pitiful bronchial type cough. The next day Greg woke up with Pneumonia-yep, just like that with out warning. We spent the last 3 days of our trip in our hotel room...except for my outings to the pharmacy, take out restaurants, & Carrefour. On the long journey home Sophie could not be outdone by her big sister...and she too became VERY sick. But, we are all recovered now! And, honestly I only have the fondest memories of our first big vacation as a family of four! :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cannon Power Shot. No Pictures Yet.

Hello Y'all!

Sophie and I purchased a Cannon Power Shot (ON SALE) this morning. I am SO SO happy. I have been lost with out a camera. Sort of like having a limb amputated. I did not buy a memory card since I am hoping that our old one will work? I'll have to consult the husband on that is so NOT my department of expertise. ;) We are leaving for our European vacation on Tuesday 10/19. I promise to take a ridiculous amount of pictures to share. :) Spain, France (and Brussels?) we come!

Sophie is loving her Starlets class. She is completely excited to go...once we get there she is really quiet...but, it's going well. She is talking up a storm at home and her personality develops daily. She is a hoot! :) I can't believe that she is going to be FOUR years old next month.....



Emma lost her 3rd tooth this afternoon. Her right front. Adorable. She also came down with Fifth disease...not so adorable. Luckily now that she has the rash she is not contagious anymore. She is lethargic and grumpy....but, otherwise unaffected. (Except for the rash)!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I wanted to take a picture of the girls the other day. They looked so stinkin' cute and I have to say that my front porch was looking equally cute with my fall decorations. Then it happened. I dropped my camera. The camera that I had a love/hate relationship with. It took us to China twice and has captured priceless pictures for us. At the same time it has gotten old and slow. (I feel the same way lately.......but, I digress). SO. There will not be any pictures for awhile until we buy a new one!

The End of The Mid Autumn Festival....

So, we finished up celebrating The Moon Festival last Friday. Sophie and I were lucky enough to be able to join Emma in her Kindergarten classroom for a little while. The girls dresses up in their silks from Guangzhou, we made paper lanterns and ate an interesting snack. The captions will tell the rest of the story. :)

Miss. Sophie was pretty excited to wear her dress and Emma's old coat.

In fact, I'd say that she was looking a bit sassy....
Maybe conceited? ;)
Sophie posing in Emma's school.

And, in a hurry to get to Emma's room....
Emma & her friends were in music when we arrived. I had the chance to snap a couple of pictures while we waited for them to return.I won't go into details now, but Emma is OBSESSED with this frog! :D

This sign hangs outside of her room.
Emma and her Para, Ms. Kiley. A minute after I snapped this picture Emma ran over and brought Sophie and I to her table. :)
Listening to Mrs. Loux give instructions on Lantern making!
Emma did a GREAT job cutting!
So did Sophie!
This picture is one of my FAVORITES. :)
Emma passing out the infamous "corn rice sticks with vegetarian meat floss"...LOL! Most of the kids did not care for was hilarious to watch.
Children questioning the vegetarian meat floss perhaps?! ;P
Emma LIKED sharing with her friends. So cute. Of course if anyone said "No thank you" she got a bit perturbed. :)
Emma's school!!!
Sophie checking to see if Emma is coming. Nope not yet. She waits like this every day. Sometimes Sophie takes a jog while we are waiting.
We ended up finding Emma on the playground instead! :) Do you see her?
After school the girls and I took an hour long walk. Actually, I walked and they ate a sack lunch and relaxed while enjoying the scenery. :)
They *were* kind enough to pose by the hay bales for me....
They like looking at the cows. These are actually across from Sophie's school (where Emma attended last year).
The Kansas girls posing by the state flower; the sunflower.
After our walk the girls wanted to show off their lanterns for the camera!

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