Friday, October 30, 2009

Great Outcome!

We had a meeting this morning at Emma's school. We wanted to discuss Emma's diagnosis of Autism with her teachers and make sure that Emma is receiving ALL of the assistance that she needs. Her teachers do a GREAT job already as do the paras-we know that we are lucky.

We talked a little bit about her Kindergarten IEP (Individualized Education Plan) that will be coming up after the holidays. We mostly discussed what else can be done for Emma right now. The bottom line is that we appear to be on the same page. PHEW. Starting on MONDAY Emma will be attending the MORNING CLASS vs the afternoon class. The class is a tiny bit bigger, BUT she will be with the same teachers and paras AND she will get Integration Time with typical peers just like last year! With Autism this is VERY important, Emma needs peer role models to learn from. (It is a long story as to why this was not available with her afternoon class). So, while the princess will likely not be thrilled to rise early every morning the pros outweigh the cons. I think that this will be very good for Emma and worth a few groggy protests. Plus, I may be able to attend a little playgroup with Sophie while Emma is in class some days as these groups are offered mostly in the mornings.

Baaaaaad Mommy!!! : o

DUH-DUH-DUH!!! Yesterday was Emma's Halloween Party at school. Perfect photo-op, right?! Well, guess which Mommy forgot to bring her camera with? The party and parade were very cute and Emma helped lead the parade because of course she WAS Thomas the Train. :) Sophie was not sure what to make of the entire event. She wore her pumpkin costume and was fine with it as long as I did not put her hood up. The hood makes her cry-sheesh. :) Emma brought home a huge load of candy and has been very good about sharing it with Sophie. I will take pictures of the girls tomorrow before they head out Trick or Treating. For now I will leave you with random pictures taken this week...I am just going to lump them into one post. :)

The girls showing off their candy from the school party/parade, Sophie's faces are cracking me up!!

Just call these Megan's Bento Boxes. The girls had breakfast for dinner last night & they were pleasantly surprised with the presentation:

This is NOT a Pineapple, okay? It is called a "Pie-Apple". The girls are addicted to them. :)
Lao Lao mailed the girls another Pre-Halloween treat of Raisinettes and Goldfish. The girls gave their seal of approval with the thumbs up sign. :)

Emma was just looking soooo cute the other day, I had to take her picture. :)

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