Sunday, October 4, 2009

~*~ 2009 Visit to the Pumpkin Patch ~*~

We made our 2ND annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch in Kansas on Saturday. We met our friends the Ewings and had a really great time! We enjoy their company and the girls always get along well. Emma and Sophie played and played to the point of exhaustion! :) I uploaded the following pictures somewhat out of order but I am sure that you will enjoy them anyway!

Refueling after the Pumpkin Patch with lunch at Jimmy Johns! Posing by the quaint hay bale.
Sophie pushing a wheel barrel of gourds. Then it was Emma's turn to push the gourds!
According to the yardstick the girls ARE growing!!
Posing with their baby pumpkins.
Sophie was in disbelief that SO MANY "punks" could really exist!
Looking for a perfect pumpkin with their patient Daddy. And, Emma found hers! Emma kept laying the pumpkins on their side so that they could take a nap.
Sophie in a full sprint to a pumpkin of interest?
I love how they hold hands. They are SO GOOD to one another. :) The ground was a bit uneven and Sophie fell over. She was fine and we had a good laugh!
Emma was getting REALLY tired of me taking pictures, can't you tell?
Apparently so was Sophie!
It is possible that this pumpkin weighed more than SHE does!

Mommy & Sophie riding in the wagon. Emma & Daddy riding the wagon

The girls riding horses.

Emma attempting to climb the ladder.
It is harder than it looks!
Going through the kiddie corn maze.
Sophie climbing the hay bales.

Emma jumping on the hay bales.
Emma doing the zip line!

Emma and Mommy on the slide.
Sophie and Daddy on the slide.
An attempt at a family photo; we can NEVER get one of all 4 of us looking!!
My two favorite pumpkins!
Riding on the kiddie train!

A Playdate at the Park

We had a play date with our girlfriends the Wenzels on Friday afternoon. Emma & Sophie were SO happy to see Mandy Rose; Emma even hugged her when they arrived! :) They all had a blast playing. The Mommies enjoyed some chit chat squeezed in between watching the girls as well. Sophie is becoming more brave on some of the equipment & Emma was being a REAL dare devil climbing way too high on some of the big kid equipment when she thought that I was not watching her. :/

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