Wednesday, February 20, 2008

If You're Happy & You Know It!

Picture #1:

Emma is making one of her many expresive faces, she knows that once she pushes the button the duck will break into song. :) On a side note: Emma chose her outfit today-including the hair tie! Picture #2:

Emma is introducing her beloved (& homeless looking) Baby to the duck. It was a 3-way sing along. ; P

Picture #3:

One of Emma's FAVORITE games is to play Ring Around the Rosy. As you can see here she is trying to get Baby and the duck to hold hands. On a side note: Notice that her Baby is wearing a "belt" (from a luggage tag). Emma LOVES belts and insisted that Baby needed one! : )

Picture #4:

I asked Emma if she wanted to smile for the camera and she immediately shouted "CHEESE"!!! :)

After returning home from school today Emma entertained herself for 20 minutes playing with this old duck that we found downstiars in the toy room the other day. You press his wing & he sings "If You're Happy & You Know It" and he dances too. I put fresh batteries in (Yeah I am regretting it already) and Emma announced "Mommy fixed it"! : ) It was nice to be the hero & not the villian for a change! : )

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

~Our Valentine's Day Decorations~

~Emma & Sydney coloring their Valentine's Day Pictures! :)~

~Emma washing her hands after eating her Brownie! ~


Emma assisted me earlier this week in writing out her valentines for her preschool friends and daycare friends (okay, so she just made a few crayon marks on each card...)! ; ) Last night she accompanied me to the party store to choose decorations too. Today at school they celebrated the holiday by having a "friendship festival" where they shared a communal cereal based snack that everybody contributed to and they exchanged their valentines. It was so cute to see all of the little cards & treats in Emma's backpack! Today Emma's good friend Syndey came to spend the day with us at daycare and the girls have had tons of fun playing together!! : )

The kids ate brownies for a special Valentine snack this afternoon. I turned my head for a minute to find that Emma had disapperaed from the kitchen table...then I heard water running. She was in the bathroom all by herself washing her hands! : ) She had dragged an empty laundry basket infront of the sink and was standing on it and the vanity was covered in soap splatters and pools of water. However, I just could not be angry at the mess because she looked SO PROUD of herself and SO CUTE too! : ) I praised her for being a big girl and I think that the grin on her face in the photo above speaks volumes. : )

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Emma is Doing Great!

Emma decided to brush her horsey's teeth today. Emma is a dental hygiene nut like her Mommy and loves to brush her teeth! : )
(Note the shopping cart on the mantel, it was in time out because Emma was throwing it)!

Emma posing on the stairs with her two beloved companions; "Baby" and "Doggy"!

Emma decided to try and put on our Yorkie Jack's sweater, it turned out to be a bit small! : ) She thought that it was hilarious!

I can not believe that it has taken me over a month to update Emma's blog! We misplaced our camera after Christmas; because I had no pictures to post I did feel inspired to write!

Now we have found our camera so the blog is up and running again! : ) I will try to get back into the routine of posting weekly. Today I am going to limit the blog to posting recent pictures of Emma all taken over the past few days.

Emma is doing GREAT and every day is an adventure with her! She amazes us all of the time with her capability to do so many things. (Read: WHEN she WANTS to do things.... : )....)! Last week Greg and I went to Mexico and Emma spent the week in Michigan with her Lao Lao & Yeh Yeh. She did just fine with out us and had a great time hanging out with her Lao Lao, when Lao Lao asked Emma her teacher's name Emma answered her with out hesitation-if I were to ask Emma the same question she would ignore me. None the less I was proud to hear that Emma knew the answer! : )

Enjoy ! : )

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