Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Windy, Windy!

We lasted for exactly 8 minutes at the park today! If you include walking time we were out for about 12 minutes.
It was just sooooooo windy!
Too hard to play.

Monday at The Zoo

On Monday the girls and I and the rest of Wichita decided to head out to the zoo.
The weather was just too gorgeous to stay indoors.
We arrived just after twelve o'clock and there was a line that stretched all the way down the sidewalk.
The line looked daunting and the idea of being inside of the zoo with all of these animals other people made me cringe. But, the girls really wanted to go inside. In fact Emma begged me. I could not say no.
Emma & Sophie had a great time.
It almost made up for standing next to the dude at the penguin cove with the RIP neck tattoos.
Emma handled the crowds and noise like a champ
Sophie did a great job too!
Although I did end up carrying her for the last 20 minutes.
Sophie insisted on seeing the monkey's. On our way out of the smelly exhibit we ran into Emma's teacher, Mrs. Loux!  Emma looked a bit surprised to see her. She was there with her baby boy who is just a little mushy thing.
Oh, and one more thing: Emma did not want to hold my hand. Or walk too closely to us for that matter.

Bedtime Story

You can't see it behind my beautiful plant, but Greg is reading the girls their new favorite book.
How cute is that?!


I love the look of concentration on Emma's little face!

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