Friday, June 20, 2008

Kung Fu Panda and Mommy's PC has a Virus!

Emma hugged me out of the blue yesterday and I realized just how lucky I am to have her! It has been a never ending vacation being able to spend each and every day with her since moving to Wichita.

Emma and I went to go see the new movie Kung Fu Panda last week. It was our first time together at the movie theater and we had a great time! I think that my favorite part was watching Emma instinctively stuff herself with unhealthy concession stand popcorn while watching the movie on the big screen. Her little profile looked so cute!!! She liked the movie, although at times the darkness and loud acoustics made her uncomfortable, so she ended up on my lap for the better part of the movie!

Greg had our camera with him in Singapore last week so I was unable to take pictures to commemorate this event. Instead I thought that it'd be cute to download a picture of the movie characters for this blog entry. But, in my attempt to do this my PC picked up a virus! So that is why I have not added any new posts lately. Hopefully I will be back up and functioning by next week! In the meantime enjoy this (*SAFE*) official movie site for Kung Fu Panda. Emma LOVES watching the trailers over and OVER again! : )

On a Sophie note: Sophie turned 19 months old yesterday! Since last weekend Emma suddenly has been talking about her mei mei (little sister) ALL OF THE TIME! She tells us that she will eat doughnuts (a 1X a month treat by the way!!!!) with Sophie and take her to the baby pool. She also tells us that "Sophie is in China". It is very sweet and we are happy to see Emma making a connection with all of this. When we ask Emma is she will share her toys with Sophie she says "NO"...I guess that we will have to work on that part! ; ) Four months after we were fingerprinted we are STILL waiting on our I171H's from the Chicago USCIS so that we can proceed with Sophie's adoption. We now have Illinois' Senator Dick Durbin involved so I hope that my next post will have good news! : )

Happy First Day of Summer Everybody and Have a Great Weekend!

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