Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm Trying!

Okay, don't think that I don't know that there are certain stalkers fans of my little blog who are looking for pictures. And, don't think for a minute that I don't know who you are! ;-)

I am still posting a back log of pictures. So, these are from early December. Emma was invited to her 1st  REAL birthday party!! Of course she has attended birthday parties before...some very wonderful parties of dear little friends mind you. ;-) But, those parties were through friendships that we have as a family. (Former daycare clients...other families formed through adoption...are you following me now).

 Emma was invited to THIS party by a cute little girl in her class named Sophia. Her Mom told me that Sophia only chose a handful of kids from the class, and Emma's name made the cut each time that they went through the list. (That brought tears of joy to my eyes.......). I felt that I needed to disclose Emma's autism to Sophia's Mom and luckily she was fine with me attending along with Emma.

We stayed for half of the party and while Emma was visibly nervous...she was also HAPPY!!! :-) It was most definitely a success.

I'm telling you right now, DO NOT ASK about the bird. You don't want to know. ;-)

 I had fun dressing Emma up for the party! She loves the primping. :-) Her proud Daddy took these pictures before we hurried out the door.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sisters By the Christmas Tree....

Here are my Wal Mart Models posing by the tree. I am referring to them as Wal Mart Models because I ran into Wal Mart to pick up a prescription and came out with these shirts. :) Some are a bit blurry-I know. I did not want to delete any of them though!

Candy Canes and Santa

If there were a 12-Step Program for candy cane addiction...I have no doubt that these two would qualify. I caught them sneaking some one afternoon! :)

 These pictures are blurry-but, too adorable not to share. The girls "saw" Santa's sleigh flying by while he was looking for naughty and nice children mid-December. No, we did not tell them that it was an airplane. :)


Sophie came to us yippin' and yappin' and she has never stopped the past 20 1/2 months! She loves to talk and sing....she is NEVER quiet. Not even when she is asleep. ;)

(Chatting with Lao Lao)!
I know, it has been a while since I posted. But, really it is Bloggers fault. They've mixed things up and they keep double posting my pictures. I composed a whimsical post about an hour ago. Now it's gone. I kid you not. Blogger ate it. Seriously people, I am too BUSY for this nonsense. Alright, busy and a bit lazy...I'll give you that. ;) Also, we have had an issue with camera batteries. I'll spare you the gory details...let's just say-DO NOT ASK ME about Christmas pictures. Really, DON'T. So, now with out further a due, I present to you pictures of Emma and Sophie! I will have a succession of posts with pictures...I can't fit them all onto one!



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