Monday, July 14, 2008

Emma's First Pony Ride!!

Yesterday afternoon we took Emma to Watson Park in Wichita. We researched the Park online and found that they offered Pony Rides, Paddle Boat Rides, and Train Rides...all three sounded right up Emma's alley!
As far back as we can remember Emma has always been hiking up her leg and trying to ride something; Daddy, other kids, animals at the petting zoo and our dogs, her toy rocking horse, you get the idea! From these pictures it is pretty apparent that horse riding lessons will be in Emma's future! : ) She was not frightened AT ALL of the ponies, she ran right into the pen with the employee (we were not allowed in) and chose a pony to ride. We were the two nervous and stupid looking parents standing by the fence telling Emma to sit straight and hold on with two hands! : ) She barely held onto the saddle and was as relaxed as could be! We actually had to take her back later in the day for a second ride!

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