Tuesday, November 11, 2008

~A Little Update on Sophie~

We recieved an update on Sophie today through REDTHREADCHINA.COM! I had contacted this company (located in Guangzhou)over the weekend to purchase a cake and camera to be delivered to Sophie on her birthday next week. To our sheer delight we now have the following updated information on dear daughter number two:

Height: 33.5 inches
Weight: 24.3 pounds
Feet: 5.5 inches
Chest: 19.7 inches
Head: 18.9 inches
Teeth: 12 :)

She is almost the exact same size that Emma was at that age! :)

Busy! Busy! Busy!

As you can see by the following pictures, the Montieth family has been busy! There has been no time for blogging lately. We love Emma SO MUCH, but she definitely keeps us on our toes! Can the love of your life drive you to drink? Apparently by the first photograph the answer is....

"YES"! ; )Emma and daddy riding the new and improved carousel-constructed by Emma!

There were ALOT of toys incorprated...
Playing with lentils in a box after school!
Much more fun than any of her billion toys in the basement! Enjoying a sucker afte breakfast. (Yeah, I know-weak Mommy)!!
Posing for the camera--just a little bit

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