Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Have I Gone Mad?!

While Emma was in school yesterday Sophie and I ran to Sam's Club. I always buy the basics when we go; paper towels, Kleenex, bottled water...nothing exciting. I don't know WHAT I was thinking yesterday when Sophie pointed to the humongous container of unhealthy cheese balls. But, I said yes. The girls were very, VERY pleased with this purchase as you can see.....

Celebrating Chinese New Year at School!

Emma has been in the same classroom for the past two years. Her teachers and paras are WONDERFUL and very special to us. They have helped Emma grow in so many ways. We are fortunate that her teacher Ms. Marci is open to allowing us to share Emma's heritage. For Chinese New Year this year Emma brought in a snack of noodles, egg rolls and oranges to share with her friends. She also brought books that Ms. Marci read & Chinese music as well. Lastly she gave red envelopes to each of her friends.

(This picture of Emma and Sophie was taken at home)!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Advocating for a Little Boy....

Okay, so this is my blog and I can do what I want! :) Today I am advocating for a CUTE little boy who is waiting for a family of his own. He lives with a foster family in Anhui Province and has been a part of LOVE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES Lu'An Foster Care Program since 2005. But, he wants a forever family of his own. He is 8 years old and likes legoes & cars. I wish that WE could adopt him!!! But, Greg said "no" and honestly in his defense there ARE several reasons why it is just not the right time for us to add to our family. (And, more than likey we will always be a family of four). So, please, please visit this link to learn more about John if YOU are interested in becoming his family! :)


We attended a Chinese New Year lunch on Saturday with out local adoption group. Most of the families in the group have adopted from China. The girls were excited to put on their special dresses and go see other little girls from China. :) It was great to see familar faces and new ones too. ALL of the children looked so cute! Emma hugged two of her little friends and Sophie was all smiles. Once again poor Emma had a lot of anxiety though because of the noise and crowd, she wanted me to hold her a lot & she really wanted to leave. Sophie was a little bit overwhelmed too, but did just fine. I am just glad that we were able to attend if only for a little while!

Valentines Day Party!

Sophie and I were invited to join Emma at her school for a Valentines Day Party last Thursday at school.

We passed out valentines, played in a pretend post office, ate a yummy snack that the kids prepared and then went to the gym to play.

Emma had a very difficult time interacting due to the noise volume and large amount of people. I was glad that she was able to tell me what was the matter, but I felt sorry that she really did not enjoy the party. :( Sophie on the other hand eased herself into the situation rather quickly and had fun!!

My pretty girls in the gym... Posing with our friend Kait's Flat Stanley...
Playing in the post office...

Our Trip to East Tawas, Michigan

The girls and I spent a week up in Michigan with my side of the family. We really had a GREAT visit! The girls LOVE their extended family. I know that I should include captions but, it would take me too long. After all it took me over a week to download and post just the pictures! :) So, enjoy the pictures!!!

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