Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I like the Bubble Machine!!! : )

Emma likes to blow bubbles a lot!

So, I was not surprised when we went to Target to spend Auntie Molly's gift card that Emma chose a bubble machine as one of her gifts! : )

Below are pictures of Emma enjoying her new bubble machine.




Roller Skates from Auntie Molly!

These Dora knee pads are cool looking and I like the skates too.....
Let me try to stand up.....

Wait-do these skates have WHEELS?!

They Do have wheels! Wow...

Emma's Auntie Molly sent her a Target gift card for her birthday. : ) One of the gifts that Emma chose with her gift card was a Dora Roller Skate set. To quote Emma: "I like the new skates"! She has had a lot of fun wearing them and is quickly getting the hang of it. Soon we will move from the carpet to the hard wood kitchen floor! : )

Emma's Fourth Birthday!!! (Part lll)

: ) Just a few more birthday pictures....

Emma's Fourth Birthday!!! (Part ll)

More (horizontal...ugh...) Pictures from Emma's Birthday....

When I asked Emma what she wanted a week or so before her birthday she responded "Birthday Cake"! One of Emma's very favorite songs is "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", she will sing it to you whether or not it is actually your birthday! : )
As you can see by the pictures posted here, Emma REALLY enjoyed us singing the song to her! : D

Emma's Fourth Birthday!!! (Part l)


Emma & Mommy the morning of her birthday! :)
Emma playing with her new train!
(I'm sorry that the picture is horizontal, I am having editing difficulties today)!!!
Emma & Daddy at their Birthday dinner!
(Daddy's birthday is 2 days before Emma's).
Emma looks like such a big girl coloring!!! : )
Here we are in Wichita!

We settled in just in time to celebrate Emma's 4th Birthday! : ) I can not believe that my "baby" is four years old, how did the last two years go by so fast? While Emma is still catching up to her peers in some aspects, in many, many ways Emma is your typical four year old. Every day Emma blossoms a little bit more and we proudly celebrate each milestone, no matter how small.

We let Emma open her presents from her Yangdong B.F.F. Eliza and Auntie Sarah in North Carolina the night before her birthday. We figured that technically it was already Emma's birthday in China so it seemed fitting to open Eliza's presents! : )

The following morning we let Emma open the rest of her gifts (thanks again everybody!). We went to the grocery store that afternoon and Emma got to choose her own birthday cake, which she was VERY excited about as you will see in the following post! (Part ll)! And, we ended Emma's big day by going out to dinner.

I think that Emma had a great birthday! : )

Emma's Trip to East Tawas in April

Emma loves visiting DeeWee's House;
Emma KNOWS that her Great Grandma Dee Wee always has candy and furthermore she knows WHERE to find the stash! :) Emma was probably looking upset in this picture because Mommy told her "No more candy before lunch"! ; )

Emma & Lao Lao!

Emma & her new friend "Otto":
Like any kid, Emma assumes that EVERYTHING at her grandparent's house is a toy. : ) When we visited Lao Lao & Yeh Yeh's house at Christmas time they had both a life size Santa and a Grinch; when you pushed their button they would sing and dance. Of course Emma assumed that Otto also had to have a button to press and she spent hours looking for it. : )

Emma bouncing with Lao Lao at the park.

Emma going down the Pluto slide.

Hello All Emma Fans!

Has it really been TWO months since my last post?! I keep telling myself that I am "just a few weeks behind..."! :O

Emma and I took a trip up to East Tawas, Michigan to visit my family in April. As always Emma was a great traveller in the car, but this time she was much more....uh, let's say- "vocal"! All that I heard for 420 miles was:

~"Emma get OUT"!

~"All done"!

~"This way"! (As in "Turn this way, Mom").

~"Lao Lao's house"!!!

I never really tire of hearing Emma talk...but, I'll admit that by the time that we made it to my parent's house I was just as happy as Emma to get out of the car!!! :)

We had a fun visit as always. : ) One of the highlights for Emma was going to the park; the park has the same cement animal figures there that I used to play on as a kid.

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