Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween was a Huge Success!

Emma had a wonderful Halloween this year! :) It was fun for all three of us because Emma caught onto the concept of it much more clearly than she did last year. Her Daddy came home from work early to take her out Trick or Treating. As you can see in the pictures posted Emma practiced Trick or Treating with Jack & Mikey (the dogs) before she went out herself. She was amused that they were locked up for the evening & that Jack kept poking his head between the spindles. :)

We assumed that she would last Trick or Treating anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes-but once again Emma surprised us & had to be dragged home after 90 minutes! :) After Emma & Greg had been gone for about 40 minutes I saw them

walking across the street & I assumed that they were heading home, but Greg called me 20 minutes later & informed me that when he asked her if she was finished Emma replied "NO HOME"!!! As he was telling me this I could hear Emma's soft voice in the back round shouting "NO HOME"!!! Emma walked (slowly) the entire way and they continued to Trick or Treat for 50 more minutes! Emma & I practiced saying "Trick or Treat" before she headed out. Greg told me that he made her say "Trick or Treat & Thank You" at every house. Emma carried her little bucket & Greg carried a larger bag. Greg told me that they had a system down; once Emma received a piece of candy in her bucket she would take it out and put it into the big bag. :)

When they finally came home we allowed Emma to have 2 pieces of candy. She gobbled up the Nestle Crunch Bar and a Licorice stick-then she said "Want More". I told her no and she ran to the counter where all of her candy from both trick or treating & school was. She cried "Piece of Candy"!! Again I told her no and tried to explain that eating too much candy would give her a tummy ache. I promised her that she could have more tomorrow. My answer did not go over well and a BIG "candy meltdown" followed; that was our cue to take her upstairs and get Emma ready for bed! ; ) I wised up after that and hid the candy in the laundry room where it can be secretly rationed out.

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