Thursday, March 26, 2009


I have realized that Emma and Sophie learning how to live together is much like an arranged marriage. :-) Yesterday I forced them to stay together in Emma's room and play-I will not lie, for a while it was not pretty! They both had countless redirections, reminders and a few time outs too! But, they DO like eachother and I peeked in to see them playing nicely (seperately!) & even giggling. As I type this entry I can proudly say that they are playing in Emma's room and there are NO tears! I hear Sophie singing something in Cantonese and Emma is re-creating an airplane out of stuffed animals. Today we have friends stopping by for a quick hello and then we are off to the grocery store (again) and Sams Club. We are supposedly in for a lot of snow starting tonight (URGH! It was 75 on Monday!) so I decided that we had better take care of things early today!

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