Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I know that it's shocking, but I (Greg) decided to finally contribute to the blog. We apologize for taking so long to upload pictures, however we just found out today (after nearly 1 1/2 weeks) that the hotel offers free wireless internet in the lobby. So much gets lost in translation in China...

Sophie is a sweetheart but also very dramatic and prone to hysterical outbursts at the drop of a dime. For the first few days, Sophie would cry any time that Emma even looked at her. Sophie has also been waking up the household the past 3 nights and for some reason enjoys sleeping at the foot of the bed. She'll be fighting with Mikey (our Sheltie) when we arrive home for the prime spot near our feet.

Emma has done very well and is off to a great start being a Jie Jie (older sister) to her Mei Mei (younger sister). With that being said, Emma loves to torment Sophie by grabbing her toys/blankets and puting them somewhere where Sophie can't reach.

Enjoy the pictures and keep us in your prayers for a safe trip home on Thursday/Friday. Take care and our love to all.


Greg M.

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