Friday, September 21, 2007

Introduction & School!

Emma was NOT happy about her
6:30 A.M. wake up call that morning! :)

Welcome Family & Friends to Emma's Blog!
Yes, the Montieth Family has finally decided to join the rest of the world & start a blog for our daughter. Better late than never right? I could no longer justify the weak excuse: " I should have started it when we traveled to China to bring Emma home"! It has been over a year and a half since Emma has been home and I just have SO much that I want to share about her! : ) Please keep in mind that I am completely new to this and quite frankly have no idea what I am doing! So, bear with me and hopefully my skills will improve. ; )

Emma & Mommy waiting for the bus!!
Now for the first official entry:
Emma has been attending Preschool at The Bonnie Mc Beth Learning Center for a month now. She attends regular class Tuesday-Friday & every other Monday for therapy. (Mainly Speech). Emma really loves going to school, especially riding the little bus! When she sees it approaching from down the street she says "Here it comes"! Her language has exploded over the summer, and even more so over the course of the past month. She has begun to use two and three word sentences! (Of course Greg and I are the only ones that understand half of what she is saying)! We are VERY proud of Emma, our baby is turning into a big girl right before our eyes!

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