Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Dirty Bird

Sometimes you see something SO FUNNY that you just HAVE to take a picture!!

Emma has a habit of dressing her stuffed animals in doll's clothing.

Last night I met Big Bird at the kitchen table & he was sporting a suede vest.He looked like he belonged in some swinging night club. :) Maybe he was trying to look suave for Grover or Oscar?!

Medical Intervention

LOOK at Emma's eyes. Look again and notice her genuine smile.

Greg and I have been talking for awhile, a LONG while about putting Emma on anxiety medication. It was not a decision that we made lightly and we changed our minds about it almost daily. After all she is very young. But, after therapy alone was not healing her heart we began t0 realize that we needed to figure out the next step. I think that having Emma's diagnosis' (Autism and RAD/PTSD) helped ease our decision. That and the fact that my dear friend started HER daughter on medication recently AND it is HELPING her. So, I took Emma to yet another specialist about a month ago and Emma began taking a low dose of Buspar. We have gradually increased her nightly dosage.

Guess what?! Emma responded IMMEDIATELY to the medicine. We noticed a difference on the first full day. So have her teachers AND her babysitter. It is a miracle. It is amazing. She is still my Emma....but, the cobwebs have been brushed away and the chains that were holding her down are gone. She is talking nonstop-real conversations. She is calm. She is affectionate. She laughs. She is more in control of her emotions. Emma is just so happy. I only wish that we had done this SOONER! :)

We call it her "Feelings Medicine". And, yes I sing a few words from that old 70's song Feelings to her while I get her dosage ready. I do. But, she still thinks that I am funny for whatever works! :)


Greg and I took the girls to Charleston, SC for Christmas this year. We had a wonderful time during our much needed family vacation! :)

On our 6:00 AM flight

We had an UNEXPECTED 4 hour delay in Chicago

Visiting Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

Emma has her arm under Sophie's neck in this picture, she said "I want to lay by my sister"

Happy Christmas Eve from Charleston

Lunch on Sullivan's Island on Christmas Eve Ft. Moultrie

We stopped by a local park so that the girls could blow off some steam. They loved running around and screaming instead of whipsering and standing still ;)

Hanging out @ The Blind Tiger w/ Mommy & Daddy

They ALWAYS sat together in this chair while watching TV in the condo
E & S loved sharing a room with a trundle bed

Walking around Dorchester (site of old town around the 1680's)...they thought that the leaves and twigs were funny

What we found when we sent them to brush their teeth

Santa Arrived Early This Year!

We celebrated Christmas early at home this year since we were going to be on vacation for the actual holiday. Emma and Sophie enjoyed opening gifts, although at times they were a bit overwhelmed. ;) Emma was REALLY into Christmas this year which was fun for us to experience. Sophie caught onto everything pretty quickly as well!

**The girls posing for pictures on 12/18**

**"Christmas Eve" on 12/19**

**"Christmas Morning" on 12/20**

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