Saturday, January 2, 2010

Medical Intervention

LOOK at Emma's eyes. Look again and notice her genuine smile.

Greg and I have been talking for awhile, a LONG while about putting Emma on anxiety medication. It was not a decision that we made lightly and we changed our minds about it almost daily. After all she is very young. But, after therapy alone was not healing her heart we began t0 realize that we needed to figure out the next step. I think that having Emma's diagnosis' (Autism and RAD/PTSD) helped ease our decision. That and the fact that my dear friend started HER daughter on medication recently AND it is HELPING her. So, I took Emma to yet another specialist about a month ago and Emma began taking a low dose of Buspar. We have gradually increased her nightly dosage.

Guess what?! Emma responded IMMEDIATELY to the medicine. We noticed a difference on the first full day. So have her teachers AND her babysitter. It is a miracle. It is amazing. She is still my Emma....but, the cobwebs have been brushed away and the chains that were holding her down are gone. She is talking nonstop-real conversations. She is calm. She is affectionate. She laughs. She is more in control of her emotions. Emma is just so happy. I only wish that we had done this SOONER! :)

We call it her "Feelings Medicine". And, yes I sing a few words from that old 70's song Feelings to her while I get her dosage ready. I do. But, she still thinks that I am funny for whatever works! :)


Mom said...

It truly IS amazing! Emma looks happy and her eyes are expressive! Thank goodness you found this new doctor!
(I think I saw Mommy and Daddy's feelings bottle on the counter next to the bread machine!!!)

Sherri said...

OH I am so happy for you Megan! I am sure this has made a world of different for your family! I sure miss seein' Emma in class, but I am truely happy for her progress! How very exciting!

I sure wish we knew why Gannon still wasn't talking.

mom2eliza-mom2ava said...

Oh yes, I see her eyes! Beautiful...I feel like I'm still clearing cobwebs myself, but I'm so glad to hear that Emma is responding so well. That's fantastic. I'll have to research Buspar. Eliza has continued to get more aggressive; she's hitting and I mean, really swinging and punching constantly. We have another neuro pysch appt coming up and also a behavioral therapy appt. My heart is breaking for her; I feel like she's lost somewhere; like a stranger has invaded her little body. Anywhoooo, we'll have to catch up. Love all the beautiful pictures of the girls and the updates. Miss you so much. p.s. Allie is still sick w/ mono and strep (got that call from the dr on Friday when the results of the culture came back...ugh)! Hugs to you all.

Terry Bernatt said...

Hey Megan - I know how hard the decision must have been, I'm SO glad it's working out well. When I look at your blog pics Amelia sits with me and I show her the pics of Sophie and tell her "there's your friend" and she's learning to say Sophie's name. Hoping one day we'll be able to meet up. Having someone from the very beginnings of your life (even if you don't remember them) will be important one day. Sending prayers your way for continued good news with Emma!

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