Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Dirty Bird

Sometimes you see something SO FUNNY that you just HAVE to take a picture!!

Emma has a habit of dressing her stuffed animals in doll's clothing.

Last night I met Big Bird at the kitchen table & he was sporting a suede vest.He looked like he belonged in some swinging night club. :) Maybe he was trying to look suave for Grover or Oscar?!


Kristi said...

Hi...I know from Sarah's blog that you two are very close friends. I emailed her about a week ago and have also been checking her blog. I haven't heard back from her so I am hoping that you can tell me that she and her girls are doing well. My email address is

Thank you!

P.S. We got married in Charleston at Saint Mary of the Annunciation...beatiful church and city!

mom2eliza-mom2ava said...

Hi Megan, love the picture and the suede vest...very swanky! Emma's funny...I shall read on now to catch up on all your updates. Miss ya!

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