Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Surgery and Travel Approval...All in One Week!

What a week it has been for The Montieth Family!!

Emma had out patient surgery on Monday. The tubes that were in her ears had become infected, causing a build up of fluid, a growth on her ear drum and a lot of pain! So the ENT flushed out her ears, removed the growth, replaced the tubes and took out her adenoids. She was a trooper before surgery! When she woke up she was disoriented and to make a long story short she was VERY UPSET. Think Linda Blair (Exorcist) with an IV in her hand....not fun! She has been happy to cuddle with her Mommy this week and today she returned to school. We are happy to have that ordeal behind us. :) Emma has been talking alot lately, she says a lot of funny things! But, that will be another post.

Today we received TRAVEL APPROVAL!!!! We knew it was coming, yet it was a complete surprise! We will learn more the next day or so about when we are leaving. We are waiting for a Counselate Appointment in Guangzhou which we will need before booking our flights and hotel room. We could be leaving next week. SERIOUSLY! I feel like I need to start doing SOMETHING to get ready....I have already made 2 "last minute lists"! We are basically ready to go. :)

STAY TUNED!!!! We will soon be an official family for FOUR!

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