Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mini Martha Stewarts.......

Emma and Sophie STILL love sitting down together to do crafts.
Hmmmmmm, perhaps I ought to teach them how to make
wreaths or pillows and make a lil' money
off of this.
(I am only kidding).
Do they look like live little dollies in their dresses & hair styles?!
I love them so much.

BeaUTIful Girls!!!

Emma had her second piano lesson last night. She did a great, great job by the way!
I thought that she looked so grown up carrying her "piano bag"...
I just HAD to take a picture.
Yes, Sophie has a piano bag.
No, she is not taking piano lessons.
*A-hem, cough*!!
(Draw your OWN conclusions).

Surfing the Web on Daddy's Computer

I love the way that my littlest imp, Sophie dresses herself up with jewelry.
It cracks me up!

It's Time to Start Saving for Braces!

They're Back!

Our "pet" geese are back again this year!
This couple loves to hang around our pond.
They are NOT afraid of us or our dogs...but, they definitely dislike our neighbor's dogs~funny!

If we don't have bread or crackers out for them they will stand at our gate and "HONK" at us until we feed them. They actually look in our kitchen window!

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