Thursday, September 9, 2010

Did You Miss Us?

Has anybody missed us? :)

I can not believe that there has been a one month gap in between posts. My days have not seemed long enough lately and a bout with vertigo has left me a little shy of using the laptop for extended periods of time. The words moving make me feel car sick....ha ha! ;)

Anyway, back to the girls. They have both grown and changed a lot this past month. Unbelievable. Emma is in Kindergarten and Sophie starts her Starlets class (1x wk/Parent & child class). Emma has grown leaps and bounds attachment wise, has 2 loose teeth, & is very independent. Sophie has developed her true personality more than ever & is a non stop chatter box.

I have uploaded a lot of catch up pictures below & I plan to keep up the blog on a regular basis again.

Sleepy Sisters

Guangdong Girls KNOW How to Party!

We were lucky enough to celebrate a dear friend's 5th birthday a couple of weeks ago. Her name is also we call her "The Other Emma". It was a "Princess Party" & as you can see these four Guangdong Princesses really do know how to have fun together. :) I hope that this quad will remain friends forever. (Their parents are pretty cool too)!

Mandy Rose (4), The Other Emma (5), Emma (6) and Sophie (3).

1st Day of School for '10-'11

Emma's first day of KINDERGARTEN was on August 16th! I did not snap as many pictures as I would have liked to. As I recall we were running a little late. Man O' man....I really can't believe that my baby is NOT a baby anymore! :( Emma is ending her 4th week of school already. So far she has held her own in a "typical" classroom setting with support from her Para as opposed to being in a Special Needs classroom full time. She still has pull out time to visit her SN class...but, not really much so far. I know that it is challenging for Emma and it has not been with out bumps this year....but, we are finding our way. I am very proud of you Emma!

Double Cuteness....

Double Luckiness....Double Naughtiness....Double Trouble.....Double fun.....Double Blessed!

We Scored Bigtime!!!

This particular Friday was a very, very good one for Emma and Sophie! After running our ritual morning errands of the summer I surprised them with Mc Crap...I mean Mc Donald's for lunch. when we arrived home we had multiple boxes on our front stoop!

Lao Lao & Yeh Yeh had sent a letter & pictures of the girl's attic pals The Grinch & Santa (long story....). ;) AND, Auntie Molly mailed them souvenirs from her trip to Peru. (Greg and I got stuff too)! Lastly they received toys that their Daddy had ordered for them....simply because they asked....a baby doll for Sophie & a Grinch for Emma. (Do you see a Grinch pattern here)?

Practicing With Chopsticks!

Can you tell which girl is a little bit frustrated?! ;-)

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