Monday, October 26, 2009

~ Carving Pumpkins ~

Yesterday we decided to carve pumpkins. I was envisioning it as a FAMILY know, kind of like a Hallmark movie. I was excited for Sophie being her first Halloween and her love of "punks". Things did not go exactly as planned. Greg stayed downstairs to watch football. As I was prepping our pumpkin work area I realized that Sophie REALLY, really needed a nap. I figured that carving 4 pumpkins was going to take awhile anyway, so there was time for a 45 minute nap with out her missing much. Emma was happy to help me....for about 10 minutes. She did a GREAT job and gutted a big pumpkin by herself. She loved pulling out the "goo" as she called it. Then I found myself ALONE carving all four pumpkins...UH, how did THAT happen?! Emma and Sophie WERE excited about the finished product though and I took a few cute pictures.....

The girls posing with our Halloween pumpkins: A family picture carving pumpkins. Oh wait, I forgot that I was the only one there at that point!

Sophie woke up refreshed from her nap and did an obligatory pose for me.
Did I mention that Emma did a GREAT job gutting the pumpkin?! Really, she did.

Friday Craft Time

The girls and I went to The Dollar Store on Friday morning to stock up on some craft supplies. They both have an emerging interest in drawing and participating in (quick) little projects which makes me SO happy. Sophie is drawing lovely circles and Emma is writing a variety of letters now. We decided to make pumpkins with Halloween around the corner.....

*They were SO proud of their finished work!!!*

*Emma's pumpkin HAD to have hands and feet. Why? I am not sure...that is JUST EMMA! :)*
*I told Sophie where to draw her eyes-nose-mouth!*

Cooking With Daddy

Emma stirring eggs for Daddy's Saturday Morning omelet. She & Sophie hate eggs and wanted pancakes. ; ) Ground Pepper...
Sophie did not want to cook. She just wanted to EAT. :D
Adding Cheese...

Emma's Self Help Skills have been emerging a lot lately. : ) She has been asking to do more things by herself and often shoos me away if I try to step in. It can get a bit messy, but it so neat to see her maturing.

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