Monday, October 26, 2009

~ Carving Pumpkins ~

Yesterday we decided to carve pumpkins. I was envisioning it as a FAMILY know, kind of like a Hallmark movie. I was excited for Sophie being her first Halloween and her love of "punks". Things did not go exactly as planned. Greg stayed downstairs to watch football. As I was prepping our pumpkin work area I realized that Sophie REALLY, really needed a nap. I figured that carving 4 pumpkins was going to take awhile anyway, so there was time for a 45 minute nap with out her missing much. Emma was happy to help me....for about 10 minutes. She did a GREAT job and gutted a big pumpkin by herself. She loved pulling out the "goo" as she called it. Then I found myself ALONE carving all four pumpkins...UH, how did THAT happen?! Emma and Sophie WERE excited about the finished product though and I took a few cute pictures.....

The girls posing with our Halloween pumpkins: A family picture carving pumpkins. Oh wait, I forgot that I was the only one there at that point!

Sophie woke up refreshed from her nap and did an obligatory pose for me.
Did I mention that Emma did a GREAT job gutting the pumpkin?! Really, she did.


Mom said...

Oh what great pictures! Emma did a wonderful job cleaning out of the "goo!"
Lpve the punks faces!

mom2eliza said...

Ugh, I know that feeling! YOU did a great job carving 4 pumpkins friend!! And Emma looks so cute w/ her hair all to-and-fro. Wow, it's really getting long. Love Sophie's obligatory smile too. She's such a cutie. You'll have to put candles in the punks and take a photo at night so we can see the real finished product!!! Love ya...still sick with H2N2...a/k/a H1N1 version 2!!! lol

Karen said...

Way cute - aahh the Hallmark moments, apparently Hallmark did not have kids :) Hope the trick & treating was fun for the girls.


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