Monday, August 17, 2009

The 2009-2010 School Year Begins!

Today marked the first day of school....where did the past 3 months go?! On that note; I can't believe that this is Emma's third year of school already! She is with the same wonderful team of teachers this year and we are looking forward to another year of growth for dear sweet Emma. :)

We had a VERY busy day here today. Not only was it Emma's first day back to class, it was also our first visit with our new Psychologist-I'll call her "Dr. Pat". Dr. Pat is a colleague of "Dr .P"...the Neuro-Psych who has helped our family so much. Anyway, Dr. Pat is going to be testing Emma next month. We are hopeful that these tests (geared toward little ones like Emma) will provide answers & a diagnosis. We KNOW a lot of things now- but there is still so much that we DON'T know.

Emma and Sophie eating breakfast; I can't figure out which one looks like the bigger "Nitwit"? Really, what is with the scrunched up eyes anyway?! ;)

Emma admiring her new backpack. We chose it together online a few weeks ago, she liked the hearts!
Emma sporting her curly-doo courtesy of the pink foam granny curlers that she wore to bed! :)
Does she look excited or what?! She could not WAIT to go to school.
And, here is Sophie getting in on the photo shoot! :)
This picture CRACKED ME UP!!! :P
The beloved backpack. Emma even slept with it the night that it came in the mail!
Sitting in the parking lot of Daddy's work waiting for Daddy. We were on our way to our Therapy Appointment and then off to Jimmy John's for a quick lunch.

Emma and Sophie walking into school. Emma was practically running and I think that Sophie was pretending that she was going to class too. ;)

~Starbucks on Sunday~

Emma and I made a "Starbucks Run" on Sunday morning.
Emma always wants a cup of coffee to be like us. So, I ordered two Kid's Hot Chocolates & since they were out of bagels I got them each a donut.
They liked the donuts but not the hot chocolate. GOOD GRIEF!! (Insert eye roll here). :) Sophie hates milk so I should have known that this was not going to go over well with her. And, Emma wanted REAL coffee.

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