Thursday, August 20, 2009

A New Friend

Emma has a new friend at school and her name is "Kenararge", which is pronounced KEN-A-RAR-GEE. Apparently Kenararge rides the bus, she has black hair and brown skin just like Emma, she is 5 years old & she is in Emma's preschool classroom. According to Emma her friend has even complimented on Emma's clothes and hairstyles.

I was happy to hear that Emma had made a friend so early in the school year. I wanted to learn more about this little girl and perhaps set up a play date since she and Emma seemed to get along so well. I asked Emma to pronounce her friend's name a few times since it was so....unusual. It almost sounded like she was saying "Kenny Rogers" and it reminded me of that old Seinfeld episode about the chicken. (Ha-Ha).

Today Emma's teacher Ms. Marci informed me that Kenararge is Emma's imaginary friend. :) Apparently after playing on the swing the other day Emma insisted that Kenararge have a turn too. I remember having a special friend when I was about the same age as Emma.

Emma is very into imaginary play lately-everything is "pretend". So, actually I am not so surprised to learn about Kenararge. I think that it is VERY funny though!! :D

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