Thursday, August 20, 2009

A New Friend

Emma has a new friend at school and her name is "Kenararge", which is pronounced KEN-A-RAR-GEE. Apparently Kenararge rides the bus, she has black hair and brown skin just like Emma, she is 5 years old & she is in Emma's preschool classroom. According to Emma her friend has even complimented on Emma's clothes and hairstyles.

I was happy to hear that Emma had made a friend so early in the school year. I wanted to learn more about this little girl and perhaps set up a play date since she and Emma seemed to get along so well. I asked Emma to pronounce her friend's name a few times since it was so....unusual. It almost sounded like she was saying "Kenny Rogers" and it reminded me of that old Seinfeld episode about the chicken. (Ha-Ha).

Today Emma's teacher Ms. Marci informed me that Kenararge is Emma's imaginary friend. :) Apparently after playing on the swing the other day Emma insisted that Kenararge have a turn too. I remember having a special friend when I was about the same age as Emma.

Emma is very into imaginary play lately-everything is "pretend". So, actually I am not so surprised to learn about Kenararge. I think that it is VERY funny though!! :D


Beth said...

Love it!! Just be prepared to have to give Kenarargee time-outs. Katie gets into 'spats' with her imaginary friends. :)

mom2eliza said...

okay, that's just too funny. And very clever (making sure her friend has swing time too = extra swing time for Emma). Teehee! Where did she get the name from? And don't you love that Kenaregee compliments Emma on her clothes! She cracks me up.

My imaginary friends were always animals that talked -- go figure -- sometimes they were spiders in our shed where our bikes were stored and I'd tell them how pretty they were while I tried to scoot in and grab my bike; sometimes they were the squirrels that my brothers were trying to shoot w/ a b-b gun!

Oh's fun re-living our youth thru our kids. Re-living teen years tho, not so fun...Allie is in the stage of telling lies...and had her phone taken away during a haircut appt the other day because she kept texting and talking on it while our hairdresser was "trying" to cut her hair. Emily (the hairdresser) kept looking over at me and rolling her eyes. Disgusted, I got up and took the phone away. Emily is pregnant w/ her first child. I told her by the time her child is of phone age, the age will be 5!!! Then I had to talk to Allie about phone etiquette on the ride back home, which got lots of sighs and eyerolls and whatever's. Thinking about throwing the phone out the car window by that point...Oh it's joyful being a parent! Hugs to you all!

Terry Bernatt said...

Hmmmm, Maddy hasn't hit that stage yet. Can't remember myself have an imaginary friend, either. Probably middle child syndrome, I didn't want anyone else added to the crowd. :)The name is my favorite part!

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