Monday, August 24, 2009

"Ni'Hao Kai-lan"!

If you don't have toddlers; "Ni'Hao Kai-lan" is a cartoon on Nickelodeon . It is based on a Chinese girl and they teach simple Mandrin words. It reminds me of Dora the Explorer.

We are not big TV people but Emma and Sophie had watched the cartoon 2 or 3 times over the summer.

Obviously they really LIKED it because they were thrilled when I found the pictured shirts at Target last month. (I hate character clothing but these were really too cute and Asian to pass up)! We went to Toys R Us yesterday so that the girls could spend their gift cards from Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Henry. They spotted these characters from the show and that was it! Emma wanted the "Hoho" (my best guess is that it's a Monkey) and Sophie wanted "Kai-lan".

I think that there is definitely a "Kai-lan Kick" going on in our house! :)
(Thanks Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Henry)!!


Beth said...

Wish I had seen those shirts. Maybe I'll go check tomorrow. We love Kai-lan too!

ourchinagirls said...

My girls have the KaiLan movie about going to China. As the full time kid taxi driver, I never get to see the movies...only hear them! It sounds cutsie. I just like that there is an asian character that my girls can relate to.

Hoping you get answers about Emma. Mark always says if ZoraLin had been our first, she would have been our only one. We are still tweaking her ADHD medication.


mom2eliza said...

Hee, hee...Eliza hasn't gotten into that show yet. Truth told, I keep forgetting to search for and DVR it. Very cute; they look beautiful and I like those particular character shirts too because of their "asian" influence! Might have to go to Target and look for matching ones for Eliza and Ava! Can't be outdone by those Monteith girls now can we?! p.s. they could all wear there matching shirts (red) at Christmas while we drink our Christmas sangria and admire our precious beauties. (Remember all the matching shirts we made our girls wear for last summer's reuinion -- Eliza, Emma and Jaiden.) So fun!

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