Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baseball & Washing the Cars

We took Emma & Sophie to a "Wichita Wingnuts" baseball game on Friday night. It's our local minor league team. Emma loved attending the games last year so we thought that the girls would enjoy it. It's really a pretty fun time and an affordable family outing. The girls were good taking into account that it was a 7:05 PM game and that is normally the time that they are going to bed. (Note: We will be attending Sunday afternoon games in the future). They liked the hot pretzels but were disappointed that more mascots were not there, Emma kept asking where The Jayhawk went.

It has been *HOT* here. Today it was 102 degrees. :) I took the girls to the pool on Thursday and Saturday, and today the 4 of us went for a little while after lunch. With her life jacket and swim ring Emma is growing quite brave, Sophie is only happy if somebody is carrying her around the pool. After the pool grew too crowded for our taste we walked home and decided to wash our cars. Two of our neighbors Matthew and Aaron came down to hang out and the girls enjoyed playing with them. Sophie is still most comfortable observing other children while Emma is slowly learning how to interact with her peers. Emma is apprehensive to talk to other children, but she does excitedly say "Hi" when other kids are around! :) Our Neuro Psyc commented that when we first started seeing him Emma was like a 2 year old across the less than 6 months later she has matured to a 3-4 year old level. She has definitely exceeded our expectations. :)
(Naughty Emma caught on film spraying the neighbor boy in the face with the hose)!

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